HowTo - Tips how to run successful affiliate marketing

You’ve decided to start with affiliate marketing, but you still ask yourself: “What should I do first?” Our experts in affiliate marketing share their tips with you.

In general, affiliate marketing is a sort of online distribution. The advertising material is placed to reach the target group and the publisher gets payed according to the advertising's performance (pay per lead/click/sale). Here you can find all possible marketing channels, from SEM, retargeting and coupon till Email-Marketing. By the cooperation with the content affiliates you can reach specific audience. Since they already own specifically, to your product themed websites, you can use those affiliates as a direct distribution channel.

Money, money, money
Before you do anything as an advertiser on the affiliate marketing scene, please consider your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on an affiliate marketing campaign? The most common mistake of newcomers is, that they plan all the campaigns at the same time with a very limited budget. Please do not forget to include seed money in your affiliate program.

Follow your company strategy and choose the right affiliate network
When searching for an appropriate affiliate network, check if the network portfolio matches with your strategy. There are a lot of affiliate network players on the market today and the biggest ones display almost no difference amongst them as far as the quality of the service. But each of them has a different focus. One is focused on big brands, another has more international customers. 

Treat your Publisher as an individual

Good relationships need to be build and cared for continually. Treat your publisher not as a group. Just like customers, publishers want to be addressed individually. Offer exclusive campaigns and commission enhancements to them. To win the publisher's loyalty you can ask for feedback about the affiliate program through a survey for example.

Keep your publisher portfolio up-to-date
Be proactive about running your affiliate program, search for new and suitable publishers to join your program. The affiliate networks can help with providing new data and trends to achieve this. Before inviting newcomers to the program please take a look at their website content. For example, if the publisher does not provide a website URL or contact information, it is not advisable to add him to your program.

Don’t give up too quickly
Analyze the work of your affiliate partner. Create e.g. a top 10 affiliates for performance. Communicate with affiliates and ask them what could be done to improve the success of the affiliate program. Analyze your campaigns, while they are running and also after they are expired. Look into clicks, sales and impression figures and compare them to those in the period without campaign.

As with all other things worthwhile in life, do not expect to be successful with affiliate marketing in a one night. It will take time to build a good affiliate program and network. Be patient and wait to see your work flourish.