A working day of a HBO® Merchandise marketer

HBO® produces world-famous and critically acclaimed series such as Game of Thrones®. Sex and the City®, The Sopranos® and many more. asknet AG operates the Europe wide online merchandise HBO SHOP Europe. The online shop sells official merchandise in nearly every European country with local languages, payment methods and currencies. On behalf of HBO®, asknet manages fulfillment, freight management and customer service along with marketing services. We would like to show you how the typical working day look like for a marketing manager of HBO®:


What is the core business for HBO®?

asknet AG is responsible for all areas of Online Marketing. The three core tasks are email marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine marketing. These three areas have completely different demands on the workaday life. Email Marketing requires a lot of creative activities, affiliate marketing involves constant communication with partners and search engine marketing requires daily monitoring of campaigns.


How does the cooperation with HBO® look like?

We are in daily exchanges on upcoming projects. Even though there are some challenges of the time differences, we work hand in hand with HBO® and plan our campaigns in advance. Additionally, we have the weekly call with all teams to discuss open items and projects.


What TV-Shows are you interested in most?

Game of Thrones® is certainly the series that generates the most interest and drives discussions in the hallway or decorates occasionally the office with poster and figures. Here we really have to be careful that we do not spoil in front of our co-workers. There are many co-workers who need to watch the last episodes first and we have to be careful not tell too much what happened in the actual episodes. Especially there are many characters who bite the dust. We had also the opportunity to visit the GOT Exhibits in London and Berlin which is very interesting to slip into role of the fans for one day and see all the pictures and clothes of the set.


And what is going on in season 6?

We are working very closely with HBO, however, we are unfortunately not informed about the happenings in season 6. But we are all curious about it!


Here is a picture of our Marketing Manager sitting on the infamous Iron Throne: