Backup medium with additional benefit

Customers purchasing software online as a download are often looking for a physical backup as they prefer to be independent from an internet connection in the event they need to reinstall the software or to avoid long download times of software with increasing file sizes.

Therefore asknet AG is providing its software publishers with the option to offer personalized backup media such as DVDs to end customers as an additional service which are produced on demand and directly distributed.

As nowadays a number of computers no longer have a built-in optical drive, USB flash drives are an attractive alternative since USB has become the most common connection for computer hardware. Furthermore the availability of various storage capacities for USB flash drives provides also those software publishers with large file sizes the opportunity to offer backup media to their customers.

This and the robust design make USB flash drives an excellent choice for backup media.

The small dimensions of USB flash drives facilitates for the user to carry it along, making it a good platform for additional branding. By giving it a striking shape or an individual print, it can grab additional attention.

The USB flash drive can also be used to store the customers own data, once the preinstalled data is no longer required, making this backup media not only customer-friendly but also re-usable.