Solutions from asknet AG for research institutions

Asknet AG offers in collaboration with IBM its own analytic statistic and survey solutions based on IBM SPSS technology. The solutions are adjusted to the needs and requirements of the German research institutions.

Entitled are all German Research facilities and institutions, as well as state and federal authorities with research tasks.

In addition to analytical and predictive elements, asknet AG also offers survey solutions based on Data Collection / Blue Team Intelligence and Training, as well as its own Intellectual Property and Services.

A comprehensive Statistic Community platform for SPSS users and a portal for the software supply process for deployment at the end customer is also provided.

Extensive software and service bundles with very attractive prices over the term of five years indicates the facilities planning security and price stability.

Receive additional price advantages by ordering before 06/30/2016!

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Direct contact:
Steffen Gruttke
Director Sales New Academics
Tel.: +49 721 / 96458-6352

You can also find these information in the new SPSS Statistics Newsletter from IBM.