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Why leading software vendors and cloud service providers choose asknet

Since its launch of outsourced eCommerce services in 2004, asknet has grown quickly to become a globally leading provider of eCommerce and multichannel solutions in the software download, SaaS and cloud services industry.

Since this time, asknet has migrated numerous software vendors from in-house solutions and from competitive service providers to the asknet platform. 

Reasons why customers have chosen asknet as their preferred provider are:


Flexibility and speed
Custom draft outsourcing solutions and services which meet your unique needs exactly. Flexible platform, dedicated professional service managers and account managers in three time zones guarantee high speed in delivering results (no red tape).

Global reach and excellence in localization
Comprehensive portfolio of services with 31 shop languages, 37 payment options, 33 billing currencies, and 11 customer service languages, localized shops for each region with regional registration forms, regional pricing options, a localized view of payment options and adapted workflows. 

Independence and best-in-class partner network
You are completely free to decide with which eCommerce partners you want to work. To optimize your eCommerce strategy, asknet provides access to global best-in-class marketing network for affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics, online advertising, etc.

Highly automated and streamlined end-to-end processes
asknet has extensive experience in integrating various back end systems (CRM, ERP, license key generators, warehousing, etc.) and streamlining even complex backend processes in a cost-efficient way.