Mobile Commerce

Your customers are mobile, sales occur where they are

• Shopping via smartphone or tablet

• Directly download product or get access to the App or service

• Capture the on-the-go buyers

• Fulfill road-warriors‘ digital purchase needs

• Reach out to a new breed of online buyers

How can you increase your sales? An easy way is to offer online shopping via smartphones and tablets. Shoppers can complete the entire purchasing process mobile. Goods are delivered to their doors or downloaded to their PC or mobile phone via download link in the order confirmation e-mail.

Streamlined purchase process 

• Simplified registration process requires minimal data entry

• Customized multi page shopping cart

• Registration by email address only

• Reduced purchase steps 

• Layout minimized to fit the mobile device display

• Optimized design for minimum data upload

• Online purchase for physical fulfillment and digital fulfillment

• Compatible for all mobile browers that support HTML

• Complete back-end processes including

• Payment handling

• Messaging (order confirmation, download links, etc)

• Full reporting

• Customer service

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