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Successful in the digital marketplace around the globe by localizing your ecommerce for every customer!

The check-out challenge

International expansion also means far-reaching implications for companies that have already developed an eCommerce channel. Challenges include customer billing or payment and webshop localization, which entails more than just translating content into another language. Another key success factor is reaching your target group in the respective markets. asknet shows you what you need to know and how eCommerce can still be successful in spite of it all.

Coping with all these changes and the consequences associated with them isn’t a problem if companies adequately prepare themselves in time. asknet has experience with a wide range of issues thanks to a large number of international customers for whom we often process eCommerce on a global scale. We are happy to share our expertise with other companies, and we provide a specific checklist you can use as orientation for your international eCommerce strategy.

Knowing the customs of different cultures is the key to international success

asknet is providing its customers with an annual campaign calendar for planning online marketing activities. The overview contains all necessary information about aspects unique to particular regions, important country-specific dates, tips for implementing e-commerce campaigns and references to the many online sales activities for the key markets.

Clearance sales are no longer just a favorite marketing tool of brick-and-mortar retailers. Special discounts and campaigns to save money have long become online staples as well. Black Friday is probably the best-known day of international sales online. There are several major online campaigns coming up in every quarter in every market.

Companies need to observe a number of “rules of play” to ensure the success of these online campaigns. Retailers should announce sales in advance, and it is essential that the products, the layout and the buying process are all tailored accordingly for the website. The number of visitors accessing online shops on such days can skyrocket within just a few hours, and it is necessary to guarantee that shoppers are able to buy.

asknet’s e-commerce platform offers a high degree of scalability and ensures a high-performance shopping experience for visitors, even on peak days. Talk to our experts to learn more about the challenges about digital sales international!

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