The complete value chain of shipping

asknet provides global logistics services. Through its global partner network, we can deliver quickly to all major regions of the world. Services such as choice of shipping method, delivery tracking and real-time inventory reports are available. Other logistic partners may be included as needed.

In addition to warehousing and shipping, asknet offers on-demand services such as box production, marketing flyers, give aways in the box and media packs.

Global Warehousing

  • Four fully integrated logistic partners in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Pick & Pack
  • Shipping e-mail includes tracking data for customers
  • Customized delivery notes
  • Offering standard and express shipping
  • Daily inventory and pending reports

On-demand Production of Backup CD/DVD

  • Customers can order backup CDs/DVDs in the online shop if required
  • Artwork: each online shop can get its own label artwork
  • Mailer: each online shop can get its own mailer

Worldwide Returns/Freight Management

  • Monitoring of returns
  • Processing of LOD requirements
  • Inspection of the returned goods on request

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