Physical Goods

As global player in the world of eCommerce, we are established in the global market since more than 10 years. The experience and knowledge we gained during that time, is the base for current and prospective partnerships with eCommerce providers, who want to sell their products internationally, successfully and online. 

Our strength thereby lies in the international business. We develop custom online shops that fit to your needs and give you the possibility to sell in almost every country. No matter if software or physical product, we handle every kind of product order. 

asknet provides a couple of full service solutions, that eases the daily routine of eCommerce. We help you to access new markets and make you able to highly increase your revenues by having complete cost transparency - while you always keep full control.

Merchandising value chain

We help you to internationalize your business | read more

Product Presentation and Content Management

We develop your product presentation and maintain your content ongoing | read more

Fulfillment Services

We take care that your products reach your customers fast, safe and reliable | read more

Payment and Billing

With various payment methods and the know-how of our experts, we handle global sales | read more

Online Marketing

We have a lot of experience in online marketing: from social media over search up to email | read more

International Markets

Access new markets worldwide and localize your eCommerce for every customer | read more

Mobile Shop

Our mobile shopping cart is perfectly customized to the customer's needs | read more

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