Subscription & Cloud Services

asknet offers advanced, powerful and flexible subscription management and recurring billing services, not to be confused with simple recurring payment systems. asknet´s subscription services will automatically handle your membership & subscription offerings, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

asknet subscription services handle all of the behind the scenes housekeeping involved with your subscription offering, including sending reminder emails, expiring memberships, handling renewals, offering upgrades and much more. Your customers manage, renew and upgrade their subscriptions entirely online, dramatically reducing your customer service needs. Full integration with asknet´s operation control module ensures you have full control over your customers and retain the flexibility to manage their accounts offline as well as online.

asknet´s comprehensive Subscription Features

asknet´s flexible subscription system provides comprehensive functionality that allows you to define the way you want to set up your products and fits easily into your sales strategies:

  • Creation of initial products and renewal products;
  • Automatic and manual billing processes
  • Ability to set up multiple subscription durations from  1-36 months or more (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) 
  • Customizable e-mail notification of renewals and expirations to your customers  
  • Grace period handling (starting period at modified conditions)
  • Upgrade/downgrade handling 
  • Customer cancelation if requested
  • Management and administration of customers’ subscriptions and data 
  • “My Subscription” area for customers in your online shop 

The benefits of subscriptions

Worldwide revenue associated with subscription software licenses and services are on an upward swing. The software industry is moving toward subscription-based licenses and hosted applications as they have more advantages than pay-once, run-forever perpetual licenses:

  • Increase the predictability of  revenue for software vendor
  • Lower up-front cost and more flexible pricing models for customers
  • Long term customer binding through ongoing payments and targeted customer messaging
  • Grow revenue through automatic conversion of trial users into long term customers
  • Reduce marketing costs for new releases
  • Grow customer base and interest through variable business models and payment term

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