Customer Support

We deliver multilingual customer service to your customers, supporting them during the shopping process and thereafter. Our customer service team answers all questions concerning order processing, download, payment process and package tracking.

Our Self-Service Web-Portal offers instant assistance. Furthermore, online shoppers can reach the asknet customer service by phone via a toll free or a local service number, via fax or via eMail. The asknet customer service team speaks the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.

The analysis of the customer feedback enables us to continuously improve the shopping experience for your customers and to adapt to local requirements.

Multi-Channel Customer Service Center

Our customer service center is a centralized web-based service application that is used by our customer service teams across all locations for the processing of incoming requests by email, phone and fax.

  • Multiple channel options guarantee availability of service according to customer needs
  • We ensure same quality of service around the globe

Self-Service Web Portal

User-friendly FAQ system in multiple languages integrated into your online store ??with easy keyword search.

  • Service right at the point of action in the cart/store
  • Zero contact resolution (providing answers before questions arise)
  • Self-service around the clock

Incident Management

Incident reports give an overview of response times, first contact resolution rates, customer satisfaction etc.

  • Ensures the quality of service
  • Constant performance and efficiency optimization of our customer service center (response times, type of incidents, answer usefulness)
  • Continuous updates of the FAQs

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