Global Payment and Billing - easy and secure

"Different countries, different customs". Know your customers‘ requirements and offer them the payment methods they are used to.

Thanks to the integrated payment methods and the knowledge of our experienced payment experts, we can securely handle online transactions worldwide. Additionally, we will help you promote new business models such as cloud services or subscriptions.  

Sit back and relax – we will take care of all transactions in the online shop:

Easy for customers, the asknet ePayment offers: 

  • Payment and billing services for more than 190 countries
  • Long-time knowledge about payment and billing methods and various billing currencies
  • Implementation of international an local billing methods according your requirements
  • Easy for the publisher 

asknet takes care of: 

  • Handling your worldwide transactions
  • Invoicing
  • Support for new business models such as Cloud Services and Subscriptions
  • Automated renewal and lifecycle management for subscriptions
  • Chargeback handling
  • Sophisticated fraud prevention and monitoring
  • Local payment options
  • PCI Compliance
  • Flexible billing

It’s up to you: from simple transactions to sophisticated subscriptions – we handle all billing needs and business models.

Always in the loop

Comprehensive reports provide transparency that always keeps you informed. 

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