How can you make your holiday campaign profitable?

Less than one month is left until the holidays. Nowadays, especially with online sales, the holiday season sales start much earlier than the beginning of the holidays. Of course it’s not a secret that this is the perfect time to boost your conversions, offering special deals and discounts for clients.

Here are the four tips you should have in mind starting any holiday campaign:

1. Offer a good deal
Put good products on sale. This is the time when people are more likely to act less deliberate and under the influence of the festive mood. They are more likely to want to please themselves, loved ones and relatives. You should also have in mind that people are waiting for the holiday season to catch good deals and not just to grab any reduced item at hand.  Consider to offer an extension to your “return policy”, because the period between purchasing and actually opening a present might be longer than usual. Thus potential customers might be reluctant to purchase from you.

2. Create a specially designed holiday season landing page
On one hand the landing page should have a holiday layout to leverage the user´s emotional state, on the other the customers still should be able to identify with your brand and not only with the holiday season. Have in mind somebody, who would not make a purchase during the holidays, but wants to come back to your website after. Naturally immediate sales should be the focus, but many customers will not do so in the first instance.  Therefore implement a cookie receipt, to collect customer data and use that for retargeting after holiday campaigns.

3. Track and analyze
Spend all necessary effort to track incoming traffic, the user’s behavior on the landing page and in the checkout process. As soon as enough data is gathered, analyze that data and be prepared to spend on optimization, both regarding the product offer and the landing page. Prices for advertising tend to increase substantially during the holiday season and return of investment becomes even more important.

4. Promotion is everything
If you run an affiliate program start to communicate with your affiliate partners now to find out who wants to run extra holiday deals and campaign promotions. Offer a good commission incentive to get as much listings on partner websites as you can. Search for special websites who specialize on promotions for deals, e.g. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale websites. Switch on your social media channels and inform customers that you plan a special offer. Take a look on the keywords you would use for the landing page, they should be well thought of to really help you get the best possible ranking on google.