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Do you know these challenges?

When selling your products and services with exclusive offers and discounts to students, you will face various challenges.

  • Making sure that the students are really students
  • Not losing money to not eligible customers
  • Avoiding elaborate and error-prone internal processes
  • Addressing students internationally and in various languages


The solution – asknet Verify

With asknet Verify, specialists will cover the entire process of student verification for you.

Flexible integration
We offer different integration options matching your needs.

Five good reasons for asknet Verify

1. Seamless
With asknet Verify the student doesn't have to interrupt the purchase process unnecessarily. He can verify his status before, during or after the checkout.

2. Quick
Online verifications with asknet Verify take only a few seconds and are available 24/7. Students can thus buy immediately.

3. Safe
Up to 20% of student verifications are linked to non-eligible customers. With asknet Verify you can so save real money.

4. Flexible
Easy and effortless integration into any eCommerce platform. Just via API or very easy by using a promotion code.

5. International
With asknet Verify you have the possibility to verify students on an international level. We, as a specialist for worldwide eCommerce solutions verify students in more than 190 countries.

Satisfied Customers

Different integrations, the same value: winning students as customers and protect exclusive offers.

Kaspersky Lab, a globally acting company in cyber security with solutions for private and business customers.
>> Kaspersky EDU

Verbi, an internationally successful manufacturer of software for the analysis of unstructured data.

>> Maxqda Education

Steinberg, a world wide leading producer of software and hardware solutions for audio and media production.
>> Steinberg Education

How does asknet Verify work?

For the verification of students we use two methods:

1) The online verification. Here we use the student´s login at his university.
2) The upload verification. Here we use the document the student uploads.

At the latest since the introduction of the Bologna process, the European higher education reform, every European student is provided with an account to have access to his university's online facilities. With the participation in a cross-university single sign on process asknet is able to use the student's login to verify his status as a student. The single sign on process is increasingly used worldwide. But as not all universities are already connected we also offer the upload verification.

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