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Ulm University Hospital uses Microsoft Campus agreement and enhances cooperation with asknet

Less administration means more time for patients.

Karlsruhe – September 26, 2013 – Based on its positive experiences so far, Ulm University Hospital has increased its current Microsoft Campus arrangement with asknet, the Karlsruhe-based provider of eProcurement, by 50 percent. This will give the hospital more flexibility to manage its Microsoft licenses.

The Campus agreement that the hospital has concluded with asknet reduces its administra-tive burden in complying with license management requirements: Ulm University Hospital must now only provide information on the number of employees using Microsoft products on the annual contract deadline. Based on this information, asknet calculates the annual license fee and the license is valid for all computers, regardless of how many devices are being used.

This agreement provides administrative advantages when new employees are hired, for example, as they are immediately licensed to use all products. Thus, the costs of complying with IT licenses are kept to a minimum. At the same time, clients can be sure that the license doesn’t expire.

As asknet services can be easily integrated into existing university structures, the Karlsruhe-based company is already a market leader for eProcurement portals in the education and research sector. asknet has been developing and implementing shopping portals for soft-ware products since 1995, and 80 percent of German universities now rank among the com-pany’s customers. With the Microsoft Campus agreements, asknet offers a streamlined solution not only to universities, but also to teaching hospitals by minimizing the administra-tive burden associated with Microsoft licenses. After all, the management of licenses for such programs as Windows Server (Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync), MS Office Professional or Terminal and Remote Desktop are extremely time-consuming.

Besides Ulm University Hospital, the university hospitals in Aachen, Münster and Saarland also have Microsoft Campus agreements with asknet.

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asknet, a leading global provider for customized e-commerce solutions allows merchants to sell into more than 190 countries around the globe. asknet's e-commerce gateway exceeds market standards for software and digital media distribution. The company develops and maintains portals for software distribution and supplies 80% of all German universities with software products. asknet acts as a large account reseller for Adobe and Microsoft in the Academic Market and won the IBM Bestseller Award 2012. asknet offers students a wide range of software downloads for personal use through its leading Internet platform “”. asknet’s customers include numerous providers of specialty software including ABBYY, CyberLink, F-Secure, Nero, NetObjects, Norman, Panda Security and Steinberg Media Technologies. asknet was founded in 1995 as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, formerly the University of Karlsruhe). In 2012 the company’s transaction revenues amounted to more than 90 million euros. For more information, visit