Work-life balance at asknet

Fun in movement and diversified sports not only promotes health but also raises the team’s spirit. A benefit that makes us, at asknet, a successful team and also lets us spend our free time together!

Once a week we meet after work to go running. We can also play badminton together on another day during the week.

Thanks to the SSC club's gyms "Fitness-Treff", we were able to participate in an exclusive master class in Indoor Cycling last week. Common activities are very important to us and there is nothing better than to share the fun of exercises with like-minded people?

Targeted endurance training with accompanying music made the sweaty 60 minutes seem a lot long. Using a special stationary exercise cycle with a weighted flywheel, everyone could participate at his own fitness level, while doing a group activity.

The best part always comes at the end. After training, we sit together comfortably and consider what sport should be explored next.