The Business Unit Academics goes „Back To The Future“

In a few days, asknet AG celebrates its 20th anniversary with a big festival under the theme „Back To The Future“. We want to celebrate a successful time with our customers, business partners, friends and employees.

Almost 20 years ago, asknet was founded as a spin-off of the University of Karlsruhe. At that time we had the idea to simplify the software procurement process for universities and research institutions. Since then a lot has happened. Especially in the eProcurement market, the progress happens with a rapid speed. Software goes to the cloud and hardware gets more powerful every year. As pioneers in the German eProcurement market, it is natural for us to develop ourselves just as quickly as the market, to identify trends and to act upon them.

asknet AG offers its customers already much more than just software distribution.

In Software Asset Management we help companies and organizations to keep their license procurement and license management always up to date and transparent. We give support in all tasks, from license consulting to full management of the license portfolio.

Our Verification Services allow manufacturers to place special offers for students. We make sure that the customer is really a student – we collect and manage different languages and student ID formats.
The Cloud Services are an integral part of our portfolio for a while now. We give universities the opportunity to package and distribute cloud products centrally.

Now we also offer our customers innovative hardware technology.

Recently 3D printers have been added to our product portfolio. 3D printers have already brought many improvements and innovations with them. However, this technique is still young and there is daily research in the fields of medicine, art, architecture and many others. We want to allow our customers an easy and affordable access to these products so that in the future, research and teaching can be intensified.

Although much has changed in the last 20 years and asknet walks new paths of business, we don´t forget where we once started. Making the procurement processes for education and research institutions easy and affordable is the path we are pursuing to continue, just with new services and products - as our slogan for this anniversary says: „Back To The Future“.