Software fueling at hardware purchasing with asknet Software Portals

The IT landscape of German universities is versatile. There are simple desktop computers, laptops or tablets as well as laboratory workstations. Without a central management it can be a real mess.

To avoid disarrangement, most universities have special procurement contracts with single source suppliers. The advantages are obvious: A standardized IT landscape, simple and straight forward support processes as well as better purchase conditions. For further reduction of effort during the purchase process, most of the bigger hardware suppliers offer procurement portals to configure and order the systems online.

As a single source provider, asknet does not only offer hardware but also software licenses. Clearly the next step is to consolidate the provisioning of software and hardware in a single workflow. Together with its hardware sales partner asknet has implemented these functions.

The universities define the software packages, that shall be available for their computers. Their employees may choose these packages upon purchase of their computers in the university hardware portal. On assembly of the systems, the chosen software will be installed automatically and delivered to the end user. The billing and licensing of the software is handled by asknet, the hardware systems are handled by the hardware partner. It is a single transaction both orders are placed with a clearly separated billing process, which is important to the universities financial department.

Of course all advantages of an asknet software portal are available to the customers. Software can be downloaded again at any time from the universities´ software portal, all licenses are included in the webbased order reports and the data can be easily transmitted to a SAM-Tool if required. If the package contains licenses that are pre-financed by the university, asknet is taking care of the complete cash collection.